Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TWIRLS for student class expectations

  1. Think - you will do most of the thinking. As your teacher, I will ask you questions, respond to your questions with follow-up questions, and challenge your depth of knowledge with higher-order questions.
  2. Write - you will complete and return written work on time. You will have a Watch, Summarize, and Question assignment almost every day. You will keep notes in your composition notebook with date and time of new learning to log your learning process and to complete an online WSQ assignment.
  3. Interact - you must be on time for class and attempt all work. You will not be thinking alone, speaking alone, nor aimlessly listening. You will think, speak, and listen with a purpose of interacting with your peers and teacher during class.
  4. Read - you will need to read your WSQ and your classmates WSQs nightly. Also there will be reading assignments from books, magazines, journals, and websites to further enhance your mathematical understanding.
  5. Listen - you will listen to yourself and others through audio and video recordings and face to face interactions.
  6. Speak - you will practice speaking math daily because as your teacher I am interested in hearing you use correct terminology and vocabulary to communicate mathematical information with others.

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