Monday, July 30, 2012

Reflecting on Favorite Things of Mrs. Kirch

After reading, I had the following response for Mrs. Kirch.

I like the idea of the task board.  What items do you put on that task board to help kids focus?

The "Ask 3, then me" concept is an excellent one. It leads toward developing independent learners.

I think this quote really gets to the crux of independent learning - value for learning something new and making it understandable to themselves.

  • Our students these days need so much more than knowledge of the subject.  They have to be taught time management, goal-setting, strong work ethic, value in education, motivation, how to focus, how to ask questions and advocate for themselves...

I think I have talked about Google voice for completing some items. Having the option to do a WSQ via google form or google voice depending on the internet access at home would be great. I have a Google voice account where I was receiving text messages and voice messages of questions for the next day, and it worked out great last year.

Thanks for getting me thinking about the resources that may be available online for the Precalculus with Limits: A Graphing Approach.  I have the sixth edition and it looks like there are some great resources, including videos to go with it.

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