Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reflections on SimpleK12 Webinar: What's Required for a Flipped Classroom: An Admin Point of View

SimpleK12 Webinar: What's Required for a Flipped Classroom: An Admin Point of View
Presented by: Brian Bennett
Date: Thursday, July 12, 2012
Time: 11:00- 11:30 AM Eastern Time, USA
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Notes: Flipped Classroom for administrators

Community and classroom learning is different in different locations/time of day
Student Centered
Personalized to students: connect with their future careers to current learning
PBL, Understanding By Design, Inquiry, blended learning, lecture all pulled together to use teh best for the students we have
wordle from classroom concerns: students! Classroom and teacher

Supporting students is the goal of the classroom - not being a lazy teacher but finding ways to support students

Allow students to find what works for them, even if the initial video or tool the teacher shares doesn't make sense to teh student - be curator of content and creator of content

Flipped responsibility back to the student

Flipped learning does not require homework - give them tools in class and some do it outside of class

Do not dictate when and where they learn; not teacher driven homework

Flipped Learning Works at All levels: elementary middle upper - flipping gives control to students

Collaborative learning is King

Physical Space: Stop facing the front of the room with blue screens in front of everyone.

Show Admin how learning space fits learning needs of students

Time spent in school should be spent meeting your students' needs, not defining learning for them

Where is the data? Greg Green, Clintondale High School - do I continue to support failure or do I do something different? Homework is to find out about the data at CHS.

Reba - Greg Green - Clintondale High Schoo - flipped High School - Great Videos more data points by Ramsey - Click on "Resources" for all the data he has curated.

@plnaugle (Paula): I have created an Edmodo group called Flipped Class, The code to join is t728f5. There are 100 members there currently.

@plnaugle (Paula): You might also like to join the Flipped Class Ning

@plnaugle (Paula): I  will be hosting several parent tech nights to help them learn about the  tech I am using in my classroom. Last year I hosted a blog commenting  party to get the parents comfortable commenting on my students blogs. 
    This seems like a great idea.
   @plnaugle (Paula): Here is the flyer about our blog commenting party
    @plnaugle (Paula): Here is a post I wrote about our commenting party
    Mary: Http://
    How to present to teachers without feeling overwhelmed? - this works, just typed into browser
     - Kristin Daniels - @kadaniels is the person to contact for flipped pd
    How to scale it to large groups without being overwhelmed?
    @plnaugle (Paula): Check out this Twitter stream #flipclass!/search/%23flipclass
    @cgramatges (Charlie)
    @carlasinpirati - Carla Belyea - Math teacher
    @bennettscience - Brian Bennett
You can see a snippit of my class philosophy here:

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