Thursday, July 12, 2012

Implementing Cell Phone Use in Your Classroom?

I posted this question on twitter tonight. It was actually based on what I was thinking about as I was driving home today.

What appropriate training, support and structure have you used to implement cell phone technology in your classroom?

There was actually a great blog about this topic that I found while reading through my twitter feed.  Check out the

The 60-Second Guide To Texting In The Classroom

I think I will be using PollEverywhere and Celly in my classroom this fall to get students interacting in a way that I can keep for a longer term.

Then there was the Is the Cell Phone the New Pencil? which discusses some survey results that "participants valued texting".  That is something that I have seen more and more in both students and their parents.

On July 13, I found this blog from a #pblchat that I think it useful Teaching Students to Schedule Their Time. Given the high school students I work with, I think this teaching them to schedule their time will be an important first step to help them build autonomy in my classroom.  It suggests starting out with a more defined schedule but show them that as each day passes, I will give them more autonomy in choosing the order of their learning. Some of my students really struggle with the power of choice. I need to practice helping them make these choices so they do it well on their own.

On July 13, I found this book in the blog listed above that I think I will get.  Students Taking Charge: Inside the Learner Active, Technology Infused Classroom

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