Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plan for the rest of the summer to Prepare for 2012-2013

I was reading through Crystal Kirch's Flipping with Kirch blog about her plan for the rest of her summer.  It got me thinking about setting a prioritized list for the rest of my summer.  My first day of teaching students will be August 20. This week is week 7 of my summer vacation. Goes by so fast. I have fewer students but more distinct classes to think about.

1. Precalculus syllabus (10 students)
2. Algebra 2 syllabus (12 students)
3. Geometry syllabus (10 Students)
4. Algebra 1 syllabus (6 students)
5. Assessments/Assignments for these classes
6. First week of school plan for teaching procedures
7. See if ASSISTments will work for me (I had started looking at it late May)
8. Standards based grading

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