Monday, February 25, 2013

Thing 21 Screencasting Reflection

I have been creating screencasts since May 2012. I have found out how important it is for me to wear my headset so extraneous noise doesn’t distract from the video and how important it is to use text tools to type as much text as I can for a student to see. I find having my picture in the picture useful to connect with students when they are viewing my videos outside of my classroom. My students have told me that shorter videos are better than longer ones. Also keeping one main idea to a video is best so students can focus on that idea and then create their connections before moving onto a new idea.

When I think about my screencasts, I know that screencasts with step by step directions are very useful for students who lack confidence in their problem solving skills. As I think about the videos that I have posted on my youtube channel, the ones that are watched the most are the ones where I balance chemical equations. The fact that people view them from all over the world is amazing. It gives me such a good feeling to know that I am helping many people not just those that are in my classroom. Some things that my math students struggle with the most are ratios, fractions, the distributive property, and solving for a variable. I have made some of those tutorials already but I would like to rework some of them to better connect my students to the necessary ideas to be successful.

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