Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Portfolio 21 Things for 21st century teachers Final Submission

  1. Welcome or Landing Page:
  2. Google Document:
  3. Diigo Links: The link to my Diigo account is found on the right under my blog archive and just above my Creative Commons license.
  4. Accessibility Piece: I added a VozMe “Hear this Post” link to my blog by using the instructions on I figured out how to add a button in the header of each blog post so when a person clicks on it, vozme will read the words on the page. It doesn’t read it using proper breathing points and punctuation, but at least the words are said out loud to help people who struggle with vocabulary and reading use my blog. Check out
  5. Digital Citizenship: I created digital citizenship page outlining a great link to Common Sense Media which has resources for teaching digital citizenship.
  6. Creative Commons License: This is found on the right under blog archive and my Evernote and Diigo links
  7. Digital Images:
  8. Digital Story:
  9. Presentation:.
  10. Rubric:
  11. Interactive Activity:
  12. Video or Audio Resource:
  13. Productivity Tool: I have included a link to my Evernote “For Teachers” notebook because I would like to connect my readers to the great blogs I read and write notes about. Hopefully they will share with me in return.
  14. Research & Reference Tool: I included a link to the Michigan Electronic Library so they have a quick link to the databases that has available.
  15. RSS Feed: I have an RSS feed to posts and comments on the right hand side at the top of the column there.
  16. Virtual Classroom:  I created a site use and expectations page outlining how visitors should use my site.
  17. Visual Organizers:
  18. Screencast:
  19. Finally:  I have been and will continue to use my web presences to connect with students, parents, co-workers, and other people interested in the technological and educational ideas I write and share about. It has been exciting to get more resources to use as I become more proficient in technology use.
To submit your final portfolio, include the following in your submission:
  1. A link to your web presence site. #1
  2. Provide your answers to the five questions that are listed in blue on the Portfolio Checklist; include each question's assigned number before each question (#4, #5, #13, #14, #19).

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