Sunday, December 30, 2012

21ThingsBCK Thing 6 Differentiated Instruction

In my classroom, I have added some videos, virtual web manipulatives, and text based resources so that students can use resources that meet their needs to learn better. The videos have helped my students who are quick to understand so that they can check their homework by just skipping to the end of the homework video and those who struggle can go through the entire video step by step to get a fuller understanding before I move onto other content the next day.

I want to work on making “student success sheets” that list the student objectives, required homework, optional choices for homework extensions, and quizzes so students can self check themselves as the direct instruction continues.. I think the notes I have students take in class can be so wordy that some of my students who struggle take too much time taking notes.  Making my notes available on videos and in class in person.

This second semester of the year I want to challenge my students to fill in gaps their learning. I am going to use and challenge them to do as many different topics as possible in order to expand their understanding. I want to create a chart that will inspire them by seeing their change in what they know as time goes on in the semester.

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