Saturday, January 12, 2013

21ThingsBCK Thing 7 Digital Citizenship

Today’s proliferation of web content makes it necessary to evaluate everything that I see and read. Determining whether the content is accurate, reliable, and relevant is part of that evaluation process. Having connections to other accurate, reliable, and relevant websites makes the original websites authentic and legitimate. Students need to do this evaluation because making sure that there is truth in the sites they visit, use as resources, and that influence their decisions is important to making even better decisions.

My first plan is to help students understand how personal information is used on the web. I am going to schedule a skype meeting with a human resources manager to talk to kids about how their personal information on social media can be used both to support their future career plans or to thwart their ability to get a job. The individual is a former student of our school and has worked for Kraft as a human resources manager for several years.

My second plan is to have the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative program have a presentation at my school. The most important part of that presentation would be about sharing inappropriate material on their cell phones or other electronic devices. Helping students see that adults in their lives are concerned for their safety and want to help them create a mindset of making the best decisions possible to be prepared for life after high school will help students be more successful.

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