Wednesday, December 19, 2012

21ThingsBCK Thing 5 Content Area Tools Reflection

The Thinkfinity site was some great links to content specific tools. As a math teacher, the NCTM Illuminations website was great to get lessons that are useful to helping my students better understand math concepts. Many sites give me lessons but most require adjustments to fit the exact needs that I have for my classroom and my students. Some of the things I would edit would be how to use technology with the plans that are given. I have gotten familiar with to show shapes and translations of them so student understand what is happening as we consider the shapes and things that we have done to them. Another site I love for finding useful content is because other teachers like me make lists of websites and resources that I can search for, use what applies for my students, and make lists for my students. The MORE site through is great because their lessons are matched up with Michigan standards and are created by  teachers from Michigan

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