Monday, January 28, 2013

Thing #10 Digital Images

I like to use digital photo sites to post photos that I want students to use without having to pay a lot of money. I know that on my blogger site there is a limit to the number of pictures I can upload. I want to begin using flickr to upload the photos of my class lectures so that students can refer to them if their notes are incomplete or if a student was absent from class. The photo sharing site makes it useable to many different people. As I have been reading Marzano, it makes me want to use non-linguistic representations more often and digital photo sharing sites allow me to do so more easily.

I am cognizant of the difference between public photo sharing and password protected sites. I have to say it is annoying to have to create an account to be able to view photos that are on password protected sites. I really like the Creative Commons attribution because then I can share my content with others and I can add to the educational tools that are present on the internet.

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