Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reflections on 2007 Instructional Coaching Conference Learning Carousel: Chapter 7

The Big 4
A way to find beginning points to help teachers.

How have you clarified your expectations to your students?
With expectations, you need to reteach the classroom management rituals through out the year.
Use tools to observe what students are doing in relationship to the teacher.  Then help the teachers set goals to have better student behaviors that support learning.

Instructional basics - offer ways to increase effectiveness of their instruction - I do it, we do it, you do it model. 

Work with teachers to increase skills at questioning. Make a list of all the questions a teacher asks in a class.  At what level of Blooms taxonomy do those questions fall?

Advance and post organizers - teachers often neglect to use them.

Content enhancement - routines that include unit and course organizer, framing routines, clarifying table, and formative assessment. 

Sometimes you just need to pick one and start there - management or instruction but sometimes a little bit of both is necessary. Observing what a teacher does that works and reinforce that teacher behavior to help students.

PLAN planning model
HALO - high, average, low, and other students

Teachers sometimes need more support than we think they need.

Sometimes you need to challenge expectations that teachers have of their students.

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