Tuesday, November 13, 2012

21ThingsBCK Thing 2 Reflection: Web Presence

As I reflect on Thing 2, it reminds me just how important my web presence is to those that I work with and who may some day hire me. I have blogs for teaching math, chemistry, or computers, for school guidance counseling, and for personal creativity. Each of these is connected with the same email address and my real name so if someone searched for me online, I could be found. I use my web presence to connect with people that need the resources and ideas I have to share. My most active educational web presence is digalgebra2.blogspot.com where I share videos and resources for my Algebra 2 and digcounseling.blogspot.com where I share information and resources for school guidance counseling.

An advantage of having a web presence is the ability to point people to a specific resource that I have found so I don’t have to repeat myself as often. It also provides an excellent communication tool in conjunction with the emailing and texting to students and parents that I do.

A disadvantage is that I have to keep pertinent information posted to the blogs otherwise it becomes less useful to the students and parents that I work with. Another disadvantage is the initial time it has taken me to create these web presences. Organizing information in a pleasing way and in a logical manner takes thought and time. Another disadvantage is that I have to really consider how the written words in my blog and the spoken words in my videos are perceived by others. I don’t want to have something posted that I will later regret.

I wouldn’t give up my web presence for anything, but I do consider what I post carefully before it goes live for the world to see.

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