Friday, August 31, 2012

Feedback from first 2 weeks

The last couple of days I have been getting some feedback on the videos I am creating for math classes.  One parent walked up to me after school and said, "Thank you for doing the videos.  I am sure it takes a lot more time but I watch my young person stop, rewind, and rewatch the videos on a cell phone and he seems to be less frustrated since what my student needs to know is available when it is needed."  Another parent, "I really like the videos.  I am sure it takes a serious time commitment but I think it helps my young person figure things out."

I also had a note written by a student on a homework assignment.  I think I need to help several of students with this concern - "Don't the teachers talk to each other about the amount of homework they give.  This math assignment has taken me way to long.  I just want to go to bed." I think there are several of my students that leave their math assignments for the very end of the night because it is their tough subject, then it takes them even longer to figure out what is going on because they are tired from other homework they have.

I also talked with my principal yesterday about the quiz that took exceeding long for some students.  In our discussion, we reflected on the fact that with all change students need to adjust to the pace and way of learning.  I also need to overestimate the length of time I think a student will need to complete an assessment.  Timed tests are a way of life, and helping a student develop the skills to complete a timed test well is necessary.

So far so good.

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