Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Print Media Doomed?

Ch. 9 Ethics & Issues 9-1 p. 465
Will widespread wireless broadband connections kill print media? I believe that technology, not necessariliy wireless broadband connections, will ultimately kill print media in its current form. Like Jason Price said in his article ( http://thethirstydogblog.com/2013/12/print-media-doom/ ) , younger people prefer using their technological gadgets to read so do not subscribe to the typical print media like newspapers and magazines.

Will widespread wireless broadband connections, such as Wi-Fi, put an end to printed newspapers and magazines? Why or why not? Yes, because it is so easy to get audio, video, and written content that meets or exceeds what a newspaper or magazine would provide. Websites like twitter give you world wide information before CNN or your local paper knows about the next “big event”. Real time information is made possible by wireless connections and cellular data. Why wait for a newspaper to tell you what all your friends are talking about in real time right now?
Would you prefer to read newspapers and magazines in print or on a  mobile device that provides similar or better readability as compared to print media? Why or why not? I like my newspapers and magazines on my mobile device to help me not have so much clutter. With tools like Pinterest and Evernote, I can curate the online content I read so I can find and later use things from the online content to do things later - cook, sew, study for a test, teach a class, build something, etc. Much better than a bunch of ideas pinned to a bulletin board or stacked in a file cabinet.

How can the media industry take advantage of the wireless internet trend? I think they have by connecting to ways that today’s reader can curate content they read - the media industry “listens” to people on Twitter to find out where “the news is happening”, they follow blog writers on Pinterest to see what diy project people are working on, they share content on Facebook to draw people to their brand. Social media has provided many great ways to connect with users of media content. The more ways an industry can share, the more money they can stand to make.

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