Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Installation Media Required

This blog posts deals with the Hands-on Task 1 – Chapter 3, Problem Solving @ Work: Item 7: Installation Media Required (page 187).

I found the answer to the following question: Each time you start Microsoft Excel and attempt to use one of its advanced features, a dialog box appears asking you to insert the installation disc. You are unable to locate the installation disc. What are your next steps so that you can use the advanced features of Microsoft Excel?

At my previous job, the person to contact would have been our information technology consultant. I would send an email to him letting him know that I needed a particular feature installed on my computer. Generally he would remotely take control my my computer and install the required component or would give me access to the network drive that contained the necessary software. As the Microsoft article on  Advanced Excel features discusses, since the initial install of the software was done as a network administration, I would have to create an alternate network installation of the Microsoft Excel Software. However, if I did not have access to the network location where this software is stored, I would need to get access from the Microsoft Site for Office with my Product key. On this site, I can either download and re-install Microsoft Office or I can order or burn backup copies of Microsoft Office.

By completing this task, I am reminded just how much business computers are locked down from installing anything that may negatively impact a business computer. I am also reminded that most enterprise versions of Microsoft Office and other software is often loaded onto a desktop workstation from a network location. I have to keep track of where those locations are if I need to access something, but usually those areas are close guarded with passwords that are not given to the common worker. I am also reminded not to procrastinate on a project because the feature I might need may need to be installed when the information technology professional has time in his or her schedule. I have always worked close with the information technology personnel at work and intend to do the same in the future.

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